Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are you curious?

Ever wants to find out who is hosting a certain web site? Just type the url of the site at whoishostingthis.


Ever curious to know detailed particulars about any web site? Please proceed to whois. The information you will see there is extensive including the domain's registrant's details, administrative details and technical details since this is the information that is required whenever anyone registers a domain name.


Ever wants to find out what your ip address is? Just go to whatismyip.

Monday, May 26, 2008


I think we are aware of the recent legal case between and Singapore Land Transport Authority. It's not my intention to delve into this legal affairs on what happened between them. But streetdirectory happened to be the one place that I relied on in finding the directions or getting the maps and so on.

Since the company is currently resolving the legal case, they are unable to bring the maps back. Luckily we have alternative. Although user experience is somewhat different from streetdirectory, this alternative is more than good enough. We can use this site to achieve the same objective of using streetdirectory. The site is the official website of the Singapore Land Authority ("SLA"). It is owned and operated by SLA. It's free of charge and you will not see any advertisements.

In fact, I wanted to post a copy of their map here but who knows what will happen in doing so? :D

Thursday, May 22, 2008

16 Triggers for selling

This is an excerpt from It's When You Sell that Counts by Donald L. Cassidy. I found it at a forum and I kinda like it. I hope you like it too.


The company-related reasons to sell are:
  1. Sell if the news cannot get any better.
  2. Sell if things did not go as planned.
  3. Sell when the broker's advice goes from 'buy' to 'hold'.
  4. Sell if company fundamentals are getting sick.
  5. Sell on the rebound in the aftermath of material, unexpected or discrete bad news.
  6. Sell in certain cases when expected news is delayed.

The market-action reasons to sell are:
  1. Sell when the stock reaches the target.
  2. Sell on an unsustainable upward price spike on big volume.
  3. Sell when a portfolio shows all gains.
  4. Sell if the stock is lazy money and likely to stay that way.
  5. Sell using above-market limit orders, letting the market come to the investor.
  6. Sell with a stop-loss order, but never remove or lower it.

Investor-related reasons to sell are:
  1. Sell if you would not buy the stock again today.
  2. Sell after gloating or counting the chips.
  3. Sell rather than hope against hope for a 'maybe' bailout.
  4. Sell and step aside on a personal losing streak.

If you regularly sell stocks in a disciplined manner, say after periodic 6-monthly reviews using the signals above, you are likely to end up with a good deal of cash even before the market moves into a bear cycle. Relatively few of your holdings will survive the 16 triggers noted in the lists above.

Those stocks that do survive will tend to be high-quality growth issues that have continued to perform fundamentally and have not run up to unreasonable price levels. Some experts refer to these as core holdings or 'businessman's-risk' foundation stocks. They are stocks that have given consistent indications they can be held through good and bad in the market.

So if you are periodically reviewing and cashing in as prescribed, and if your buying discipline rejects new positions when valuations get too pricey, you will anyway end up holding only relatively few stocks as the market gets toppy - and even before it turns down. That, of course, protects your capital.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Exam Mania

Exam Docket is out today. The exam venue is Anglo Chinese JC @ Dover. I wondered why it is not Expo this time around. I feel as if exam timer is ticking faster and faster then ever. It's 16 days away from the exam dates. Time to check some exam tips out there in the net.

The Google search generates 36700 pages for the search keyword "June 2008 ACCA Exam tips" but only one link is relevant for my search. Thousands of students are going for this exam , yet the tips are amazingly limited. Probably this is what ACCA is about. Gotta study everything.

By the way if you need a little motivation from ACCA, you can go here and hope they mean what they say. Or you may just see below.

They Make it Look Easy

If you are well versed in Myanmar Characters Keyboard Layout, this post might be of little use to you. You are not familiar with Keyboard Layout to type Myanmar Characters but you are willing to do so, then use the below technique.

First you go to this site. Then type Myanmar Characters in Burglish. Then let's assume we want to type "Myanmar" in Myanmar Characters. You can follow the following easy steps to achieve this.

I guess they really make it look easy. Great credit goes to the guys who put in efforts and time to create this.